Patience & Breath

Today was one of those days.  It was one of those days that I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  I didn’t say it to the Man or Woman upstairs…I said it to the wind that took my words and scattered them through the valleys of Central Oahu; and I swear, I heard the Earth belly laugh at me.

I needed today.  I needed today and its chaos to remind me to breathe.  It’s ironic as I’m a yoga teacher and massage therapist, and I forget to do the simple thing called BREATHING.  We all do: in times of stress – it can be physical, mental, emotional.  Stress is exactly what it is:  STRESS.

Our small dog has been sick for the past week.  He’s been coughing, and I did take him to the vet which came back inconclusive.  I’m taking him to another vet this Thursday for blood work, ultra sound, and hopefully better medications, because the cough medicine he has…isn’t working.  Every 4-5 hours the poor guy hacks his head off for anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour, and then due to pure exhaustion – sleeps for several hours…and the vicious cycle returns.  This happens…at all hours.  I happen to not be a deep sleeper…so it’s akin to having a newborn in the house, but rather than the sweet newborn eating or cuddling…it’s my senior dog hacking…LOUDLY.  I am fully aware that it’s getting to be that time where putting him down might be the right thing to do…however, I feel like it’s too soon.  This next vet appointment will reveal a lot more hopefully.

So, the basis of my day was that I was sleep deprived.  Then, one of my Middle Schoolers threw a tantrum over volleyball transportation, use of a locker, and carrying her volleyball things.  When I write it, it sounds like she’s a spoiled brat…and honestly, she is in some areas, however, I’m trying to be a little more gracious as she has had a rough transition with our recent move to this beautiful island of Oahu.  Really, and truly, she is the one that helps out a LOT…when she wants too.

Layer on fighting with my Middle Schooler and how ridiculous her whining is.

Then next.  Received a text from my parents who are on the Mainland telling me that the title I signed over to them is trash (I used that word, not them) as there was a name scratched out…and that meant I had to go print something, notarize it and next day air it to them.  NO PROBLEM, RIGHT?  Except, we don’t own a printer…and the library didn’t open until 10am.  AND, they wanted it to arrive at 8am the NEXT day.  I’m on Hawai’i time, I think they forget that…

So I got my kids off to school, had to wait for the library to open and decided to do a yoga practice; – AND it was AMAZING.  I am constantly working on my pranayama, but I’ll be honest, my practice hasn’t been consistent with this move.  It was just what I needed.

TKV Desikachar says this:  “Just as the activities of the mind influence the breath, so does the breath influence our state of mind.”


After that practice I felt SO much better.  I was able to walk the dogs, chat with a neighbor, and with peace and joy, head to the library to print off a document, then head to the local shipping store for the notary and next day delivery.

I’m not saying pranayama will solve everything, but it sure does help.  So when you’re feeling anxious…take a moment.  Remember to just breathe.  Happy Wednesday~

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1 thought on “Patience & Breath

  1. Rach, I think of you often and the importance of breathing deeply as I am trying to control the amount of stress swirling around and inside of me with this double move coming up soon and the thousands of details inherent to same that you know only TOO well with your recent relocation. This quote you included: “Just as the activities of the mind influence the breath, so does the breath influence our state of mind.” Thanks for the reminder. Much needed. XOXO


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