“Ahimsa is the practice of listening to that voice of lightness, cultivating that voice, trusting that voice, acting upon that voice.” -Meditations from Mat (Gates & Kenison, 26)

I had always learned and read that ahimsa was the practice of nonviolence.  As I sat and read this new definition, I reflected and meditated on its truth.  Lightness; what is it?  Where do we find it?  How do we cultivate it?  I realized I feel it.  It’s experiential.  I feel it as I see a magnificent sunrise or sunset.  I feel it as I see kindness.  I feel it when I look up at wonder at the moon and stars that fill the night sky.  There are people whose light is felt when they walk into a room; some even radiate it, and it’s beautiful.  Everyone carries both light and dark…but it’s up to us to decide which is more prominent.  We do things to help us shine brighter by volunteering, praying, meditating, doing yoga, grounding…

What have you done lately to let your light shine?  Choose the light.


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