The Radiance Sutras

What is this power we call  Life,

Appearing as the play of flesh and breath?

How may I know this mystery and enter it more deeply?

My attention is enthralled by a myriad of forms,

Innumerable individual entities everywhere,

Flashing into existence and fading away again.

Lead me into the wholeness beyond all these parts.

Do me a favor, my love.

Let me rest in your embrace.

Refresh me with the elixir of your wisdom.

Ravish me with your truth.

-Banter vs. 5-6 The Radiance Sutras

This book The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, PhD is new to my collection.  I am SO excited about it!  What is life?  What is the meaning of life?  However you find your meaning, through religion, good causes, rituals; I hope that you find your essence.  This book is on 112 yoga Sutras…I hope you enjoy it, I know I will!

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